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Nathaniel's flexible approach to uni

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Study Tips, Future and Focus, Student Stories

CDU student Nathaniel shares why you don't always need to have perfect plans before you start, you just need to start.


What are you studying?

I finished high school last year and am now starting a Bachelor of Accounting.

Why did you decide to study accounting?

I’ve been in interested business for a while. I’m not sure whether I’ll stick with accounting because I’m also interested in the psychological part of business, things like marketing. So I might do some electives in that area and then decide whether I want to switch into that.

Online or on campus?

I’m studying on campus as I live nice and close. Most of my lectures are at CDU Waterfront. The classes will be quite small so I’ll be able to talk with my lecturers one-on-one to engage on a more personal level. I’m looking forward to it.

What do you expect from O-Week?

I haven’t been to Casuarina campus before, so I wanted to get used to where things are and meet new people which will probably make things easier. It’s been good to see where things are held and who my lecturers are going to be, that sort of thing.

What do you expect to get out of your studies here?

I want to learn interesting facts, the type of things people say and you just go ‘wow’. I’m looking forward to being organised and self-driven. Once I finish, I hope to move down to Sydney. I’ve got a lot of family down there and I’m hoping there’s a lot of job opportunities for me.

Any tips for school leavers thinking to study at uni?

The best advice I received is that uni is so flexible, so if you end up not liking what you start out with, then you have the flexibility to move onto a different path.


This article appears in:
Study Tips, Future and Focus, Student Stories

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