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Launchpad is a place where you can get answers to some of the big questions you may have. Find the answers you need to help you launch into your new world of study with confidence.

Online or on campus: five questions to help you make up your mind

1. How flexible is your life?

Launchpad is a place where you can get answers to some of the big questions you may have. Find the answers you need to help you launch into your new world of study with confidence.

Why I changed careers at 30

Daniel had a career in banking, but after eight years he realised that it wasn't the career for him. He shares how he decided to put passion ahead of profession and instead study his hobby.

From hairdresser to midwife: Talea’s story

5 places nurses work that aren't in a hospital

Four pathways to get into university

Taking the next step in my early childhood career: Tannille's story

Why I'm finally doing a teaching degree: Wendy's story

Why I changed careers to become a teacher: Sallie's story

New laws can shine light on foreign influence, but agents will remain in the shadows

With new foreign transparency laws set to come into effect on 1 March, Senior Lecturer in Business Law at CDU, John Garrick questions the extent to which the new laws will make visible the nature, level and extent of foreign influence on Australia’s government and political process.

How to build strong relationships with your lecturers

How to make friends at uni

After what must seem like months of planning – choosing what course you’re going to study, going through the application process, eagerly (or anxiously!) waiting to see if you’ve been offered a place, enrolling in your units – the wait is over!  Uni is about to start. Soon, you’ll be settling into tutorials and lectures, learning to navigate LearnLine and the library, and starting your first assessments and tests. There’s a lot happening! For some students, making friends might be a top priority. For others, it may be less important. If you’re one of CDU’s many online students, you might even be wondering if it's possible to make friends studying externally (hint: it is).  Uni friends create enjoyable shared experiences and they can improve your academic performance

My two weeks in the Amazon protecting turtles

As part of her Bachelor of Environmental Science, CDU student Erica Smith seized the opportunity to cross Brazil off her travel bucket list as she took part in the two-week Brazilian Amazon Field Intensive (BAFI) offered by CDU's College of Engineering, IT and Environment. Erica is currently half-way through her degree and determined to major in Wildlife Conservation.  For the past five years, Erica studied part time so she could fit in her work schedule. Last year, she moved to Darwin from a remote community in East Arnhem Land to transition into full time study at Casuarina Campus and make faster progress toward completing her studies. 

Refuge City: A new kind of city for our times

Could a Refuge City - an urban metropolis on Australia's northern coast that runs under its own charter - provide more opportunities for the many migrants arriving in Australia? Ken Parish, Senior Lecturer in Law at CDU, and Julian Bolleter, Deputy Director, Australian Urban Design Research Centre, University of Western Australia make the case. 

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Finding the elusive little people

Tales of fairies, elves and “little people” are common folklore around the world, but despite their ubiquity they are rarely seen. Their names differ, but beliefs passed across generations are rich with stories that feature these elusive beings. South Africans talk of tikoloshe, evil dwarf-like spirits; Hawaiians have forest-dwelling menehune; the Irish speak of the mischievous leprechaun. Senior Lecturer in Aboriginal Studies Dr Curtis Roman has examined the beliefs about little people from an Indigenous Australian perspective. Growing up in Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory, Dr Roman is a Larrakia man and first heard about little people when he was a young boy.

Enterprising women strike gold in Australia

If the experience of a growing number of enterprising immigrant women in Darwin is anything to go by, Australia is still the lucky country. Anecdotal evidence suggests that immigrant women have been running small businesses in the service and retail sectors for years, and that they are typically hardworking and passionate about what they do.

What will a Health Science degree teach you?

If you’re hunting for a job, having a Health Science Degree is a good thing. A very good thing, according to the Australian Government. That’s because our ageing population, the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), and the concerning increase in chronic disease are driving jobs growth in the health care sector.

Powering our careers in a male-dominated industry

Your top 10 questions answered: Vocational Education and Training

Should I study a Cert I, II, III, IV or Diploma? I'm confused!

How much does a Certificate or Diploma cost?

If you’re exploring the options for studying a vocational education and training qualification and  wondering how much it’ll cost to study a Certificate or Diploma at CDU VET, read on. Simply put, the amount you pay will depend on a wide range of factors. In good news, there are financial support and flexible study options available to make the cost of study more manageable for you.