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Launchpad is a place where you can get answers to some of the big questions you may have. Find the answers you need to help you launch into your new world of study with confidence.

Online or on campus: five questions to help you make up your mind

1. How flexible is your life?

Launchpad is a place where you can get answers to some of the big questions you may have. Find the answers you need to help you launch into your new world of study with confidence.

Dania shapes young minds - and her own - through CDU

When Dania Al Abiad obtained her Graduate Diploma in Teaching in 2013, she was delighted to be offered a teaching position straight away in her areas of interest. 

From maths lecturer to lawyer with CDU

After starting her career as a maths teacher, Rosemary Jacob did a complete 180 and took on the challenge of being a lawyer.

Isabella helps save lives in Africa by studying at CDU

Damian fights malaria at CDU

For Erika, CDU was the best place to grow her life-long interest in business

Debra used her study at CDU to climb the corporate ladder

Chao hopes to change lives through IT

'There is help wherever you turn': Kenisha on studying after kids

Indigenous woman Kenisha never imagined she'd become a lawyer. But, after having two kids, overcoming family challenges and living all over Australia, she's studying law at CDU. And now she's emerging as a leader in her community. Here's her story. 

From shoestring travelling to a six-figure salary: Marc on changing careers in his mid-20’s

5 questions you must ask a uni before starting an online degree

A lot has changed lately. Online degrees have long been the norm for Charles Darwin University, but for many Australians, the idea of studying online from home is part of the ‘new normal’ post Coronavirus lockdown. But, not all online learning is created equal.

Getting back in the game: from sports injury to degree

Not one to be put off by a sports injury, Emmanuel embraced his experience as an opportunity to think about his career options after high school. With an interest in helping injured athletes, he's studying a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science at CDU. Here's how he's using study to up his game - professionally and personally. 

Merita makes the most of CDU’s worldwide partnerships

As a GP in Timor Leste, Dr Merita Monteiro saw lots of examples of communicable disease in her clinic. Thanks to the partnership between CDU, the Menzies School of Health Research and the Ministry of Health in Timor-Leste, Dr Monteiro is learning from the best to help tackle these diseases in her home country while she's studying public health. When Merita graduated with a medical degree in Cuba back in 2011, she had no idea that eventually she’d end up in Darwin studying a Master of Public Health.

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'Endless opportunities': IT student Reema on staying local and loving it

To the surprise of her loved ones, Reema decided to stay local to study IT at CDU after finishing high school. Now, she's playing her part to set an example of what women in IT can achieve in Darwin. Here's her study story. 

Territorian techie stays local to study: Jack's story

Born and raised in the Northern Territory, Jack wanted to stay close to his loved ones after high school, while still achieving his goal of getting an IT degree. CDU was the natural choice. Here's how his IT studies and the tight-knit IT community helped him realise his career goals.

Studying to be a role model for her own family and others: Feancy's story

Feancy had big plans to own a hotel, but starting a family and travelling the world changed her perspective. Now, with both a business degree and certificate in community services from CDU, she's working as a family support worker with Save the Children Australia. Read on to see how she's made it happen. 

Max chose CDU's law school over Melbourne. Here's why.

5 ways to improve your self-management skills and boost productivity at home

The surprising direction Jodi's career took after her nursing degree

Knowing when to ask for help: Meg's study story

When Meg graduated from CDU with a Bachelor of Environmental Science Honours Degree, she quickly landed a job in her chosen profession. But Meg’s success came after many challenges. Her story is one of persistence, passion and knowing when to reach out for help.