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Launchpad is a place where you can get answers to some of the big questions you may have. Find the answers you need to help you launch into your new world of study with confidence.

Online or on campus: five questions to help you make up your mind

1. How flexible is your life?

Launchpad is a place where you can get answers to some of the big questions you may have. Find the answers you need to help you launch into your new world of study with confidence.

Rural Indonesia to nuclear NSW: Bijay's Engineering expeditions

For Nepalese student Bijay, studying engineering at Charles Darwin University has been a family affair. And as an external student who’s now pursuing a Master’s degree, his studies have taken him from a rural village in Indonesia to a nuclear energy site in NSW. Read on to find out about Bijay’s experience as a CDU student—and where he hopes it will lead. Where I’m from, Nepal, there’s still a lot of work in civil infrastructure that needs to be done. My thought was to study engineering and hopefully contribute one day

Legal Eagle Takes Flight at CDU: Errol's Story

Nine years ago, Errol Chua and his wife left their native Singapore and arrived in Australia with only two suitcases. Errol boldly carved a new future for himself in Darwin and eventually graduated from Charles Darwin University’s School of Law with First Class Honours. Along the way, he completed a prestigious internship with Harvard Law School. Read on to find out how this mature-aged student found academic success.

Ben found his tribe as an international student in Darwin

International scholarship for Elinor’s Indigenous policy study dream

Studying nursing online with a full-time job: Paramjit's story

Leaving my home country for the first time to study: Tatenda's story

Sigit’s research to shape Indonesian environmental policy

Luci’s art trail from Hong Kong to Darwin

Charles Darwin University Bachelor of Creative Arts student Luci Lee was always destined to follow a creative path in life. Some of her earliest memories include painting, drawing and creating, and she approaches her work as a graphic designer and arts student with that same spirit of creative discovery today. Following her own art trail has brought Luci all the way from the bustle of Hong Kong to CDU’s laid-back Casuarina campus in Darwin. We recently caught up with Luci to find out about some local art projects she’s been involved in alongside her studies at CDU.

Advocating for equality and human rights: why I study Social Work

What’s involved in studying nursing online?

CDU was one of the first universities in Australia to offer our Bachelor of Nursing degree remotely (also known as online, external or distance education). We have been teaching this way for nearly 20 years, and we are experts at online education. Many CDU Nursing students choose to study online – even those who are located close to one of our campuses. Our students choose to study this way because they often have other commitments in their life that are equally as (or more!) important than uni.

Why I changed careers at 30

Daniel had a career in banking, but after eight years he realised that it wasn't the career for him. He shares how he decided to put passion ahead of profession and instead study his hobby.

From hairdresser to midwife: Talea’s story

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5 places nurses work that aren't in a hospital

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of nursing is a hospital, think again. While the typical career path for many graduate nurses may lead to a hospital, Registered Nurses work in many places far removed from the walls of the ward. We’ve rounded up five examples.

Four pathways to get into university

The path to university study isn’t always linear. Not everybody goes straight from high school into higher education.

Taking the next step in my early childhood career: Tannille's story

After a few years in the big smoke, Tannille moved back to the regional, coastal town of Elliston in South Australia with her husband and young family. It was the perfect opportunity to take a new professional direction. She started a family day care centre and with her business underway, the mum of three decided it was time to gain her bachelor's degree in early childhood education. Here's her story. 

Why I'm finally doing a teaching degree: Wendy's story

Why I changed careers to become a teacher: Sallie's story

New laws can shine light on foreign influence, but agents will remain in the shadows

How to build strong relationships with your lecturers

  Whether you’re an online or on campus student, having good relationships with your lecturers and teachers is one of the best ways to get the most of your university experience. Here are some of our top tips.