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What do my grades mean?

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Your exam results are finally in! You are probably wondering what to do now or what do your grades mean? Here's a quick quide... 

High Distinction: 85% to 100% 

You've demonstrated imagination, originality or flair, based on proficiency in all aspects of the unit; work is interesting or surprisingly exciting, challenging, well-read or scholarly. Well done, congratulations!

Contribution to GPA: 7 

Distinction: 75% to < 85%

You've demonstrated awareness and understanding of deeper and less obvious aspects of the unit, such as ability to identify and debate critical issues or problems, ability to solve non-routine problems, ability to adapt and apply ideas to new situations, and ability to evaluate new ideas.

Contribution to GPA: 6

Credit: 65% to < 75%

You've demonstrated ability to use and apply fundamental concepts and skills of the unit going beyond mere replication of content knowledge or skill to show understanding of key ideas, awareness of their relevance, some use of analytical skills, and some originality or insight.

Contribution to GPA: 5

Pass: 50% to 65%

You've satisfied all of the basic learning requirements of the unit, such as knowledge of fundamental concepts and performance of basic skills; demonstrates satisfactory, adequate, competent, or capable achievement.

Contribution to GPA: 4

Fail:  <50%

If you've failed, never give up because F.A.I.L. means "First Attempt In Learning". Don't be too hard on yourself and take a deep breath. You can always improve your marks and meet your study goals if you seek help. 

At CDU, we want you to succeed. Whether you are studying online or on-campus, we provide free, tailored, confidential services to help you be successful in your studies. The Academic Language and Learning Success Program (ALLSP) team work with all students and your course lecturer to help you understand the requirements of your assignments and give you skills aimed at helping you through these.  


If you cannot see your grades on My Student Info and have any queries about your results or Course Progression, contact the Student Central team for more details


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This article appears in:
Study Tips

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