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Two friends making positive change

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Study Tips, Student Stories

We caught up with Rebekah and Liezl during O-Week to hear how they plan to create positive change with their university degrees.

Rebekah Watson - Bachelor of Social Work
Liezl Brand - Bachelor of Environmental Science

What made you decide to study your choice of degree?

Liezl: I’m studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science and going into my second year. I’ve always been passionate about animals and the environment, particularly nature conservation, so environmental science is right up my alley. I want to become a ranger, eventually.

Rebekah: I’m studying social work because I like helping people. I worked with refugees heaps while I was at school and I’m really quite passionate about advocacy. 

Did you always know that you were going to go to university?

Liezl: I think so, yeah. I never really changed my mind about what I wanted to do after school. So I always stuck with it. I didn’t take a gap year, just went straight into it. I thought I might as well since I’m in the routine of waking up early. In year 10, teachers drill you to ask what you want to do and I always knew.

Rebekah: Yeah, I really wanted to go straight to uni from high school. I knew if I took a gap year I’d probably not get back into it. I like CDU because it’s a small uni and you get to know you lecturers.

What do you like about O-Week?

Liezl: I like to look around the stalls to see if anything interests me and to see if there are any clubs I can join. 

Rebekah: I’ve been here two hours and so far it’s been really cool. It’s my second year studying at CDU, I didn’t get to experience much last year so I thought I’d come back and experience a little more this year. I thought it would be a cool time to see what’s going on at the uni and get a feel for it again. It’s been a few months since I was here, so it’s good to get back into it and meet more people.

What do you think of university so far? Is it what you expected?

Liezl: I think it’s pretty good. Sometimes the three hour ones get a bit long! My first impression of uni is that it's a bit harder than I thought. I wasn’t expecting to have a full load of work all the time. I chose CDU mainly because of the course itself. When I looked at what’s involved, I saw that there are a lot of practical components which I prefer. 

Rebekah: It’s different to what I expected. I thought it would kind of be like an American college but it’s not, there’s a lot more studying. It’s really nice studying something I’m really interested in. At high school you get told what you have to study and don’t have a lot of choice. There’s a little more study involved than I thought and you have to take a lot more responsibility for yourself. At high school there’s a lot of ‘hand in your assignments, do your assignments’ whereas at uni you’re expected to know when assignments are due. But I actually really love that; when I get to take responsibility for something I do it a lot better.

I’ve found the course very comprehensive. A lot of the theory taught is related back to how it’s impacted in the real world and all the lecturers have lots of experience in the field and local area.


This article appears in:
Study Tips, Student Stories

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