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Nursing and Midwifery

Isabella helps save lives in Africa by studying at CDU

Isabella Garti was a midwifery practitioner and lecturer for more than 12 years in her home country of Ghana. Moving to Charles Darwin University, Darwin has supported her to focus on improving the lives of Ghana’s mums and bubs from across the world. 

The surprising direction Jodi's career took after her nursing degree

When Jodi started studying nursing online at CDU, she was working in aged care with the dream of becoming a nurse. A few years later, with her nursing degree in hand, she’s ended up back in aged care. But this time, it’s different. Here's how she bolstered her career, while she was in a long-distance relationship, got married and moved interstate.

It wasn’t easy returning to school as a mature student for Karita

You might look at a list of Karita McCarthy’s recent accomplishments and think that studying comes naturally to her. As a Bachelor of Nursing student at Charles Darwin University, Karita has certainly had a string of successes. But it wasn’t always that way...

Neil’s story proves it’s never too late to start following your dreams

Neil Addis was 53 years old when he finally fulfilled his dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. Now he supports others to achieve their dreams of a career helping others in the healthcare sector.

Here’s how you can be earning over $110,000 in 2022. That’s the forecast for nurses with postgraduate degrees.

Nurses and midwives are driven by a sense of compassion, altruism, and public service. Expanding opportunities—and salaries—make these careers even more attractive. But it’s an especially exciting time if you’re a nurse or midwife with a postgraduate degree.

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9 ways to supercharge your nursing or midwifery career. And they’re all available online

As a nurse or midwife, you’re a member of one of the world’s most trusted professions, and your employment prospects have always been strong. But with a new decade upon us and new technologies on the horizon, now is the time to futureproof your career.

Peta’s altruistic goals are inspired by a Disney heroine

Peta Lewellin says that her ultimate dream is to become the Mary Poppins of the postnatal world. What does that mean? And how is Peta able to pursue Charles Darwin University’s Bachelor of Midwifery when she lives thousands of kilometres away? Read on to find out more about Peta and her commitment to excellence in maternal care.

From hairdresser to midwife: Talea’s story

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Studying nursing online with a full-time job: Paramjit's story

Taking a trip to the hospital for a health problem isn’t usually a way to find inspiration. But in Paramjit Kaur’s case, it’s what led her to study nursing at Charles Darwin University. Read on to learn the source of Paramjit’s inspiration and how she manages to juggle a full-time job as well as family responsibilities while studying as a part-time external student.

What’s involved in studying nursing online?

CDU was one of the first universities in Australia to offer our Bachelor of Nursing degree remotely (also known as online, external or distance education). We have been teaching this way for nearly 20 years, and we are experts at online education. Many CDU Nursing students choose to study online – even those who are located close to one of our campuses. Our students choose to study this way because they often have other commitments in their life that are equally as (or more!) important than uni.

4 places nurses work that aren't in a hospital

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of nursing is a hospital, think again. While the typical career path for many graduate nurses may lead to a hospital, Registered Nurses work in many places far removed from the walls of the ward. We’ve rounded up four examples.

My experience as a student midwife in Bali

Veronica Merton is a second year CDU Bachelor of Midwifery student. She traveled to Bali along with other students from her course, to participate in a study abroad program where the student midwives watched and learned from Balinese midwifery practices. Here, Veronica reflects on her trip. 

Balancing parenting and uni: is the reward worth the risk?

Are you a parent considering going to uni but not sure if the reward is worth the risk? Hear from Jason, a proud father who graduated from a Bachelor of Nursing with CDU. He was working full time, mostly night shifts, while studying full time online. His daughters watching him was his greatest source of motivation.

A remote-area Nursing student in the Outback

With a passion for improving the mental health outcomes for people living in remote and rural communities, Rachel Ashton has proudly completed her last two clinical placements in the Northern Territory as part of her Bachelor of Nursing degree with CDU.  We asked Rachel about what motivated her through her study journey as well as her experiences on placement, and the challenges she faced along the way to become a Registered Nurse.

Why I changed course to become a midwife

Ishita Singhal originally studied Information Technology before deciding to pursue a career she was truly passionate about. After graduating with a Bachelor of Midwifery from CDU, she couldn’t be happier with her decision. We asked Ishita about what motivated her to follow her study goals, as well as her experiences as a CDU student and the challenges she faced along the way to become a midwife.