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Future and Focus

Myths about returning to study

Feel like you’ll be the “old woman” in the class? Alison debunks the myths  about returning to study as a mature age student.

Five life skills to help you focus on success

When you first set a goal it’s pretty easy to stay on track. You’ve got a plan, you’re working the plan and your motivation is strong. 

Six tips for returning to study

Does the idea of returning to study as an adult student fill you with excitement but also trepidation? Reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence with these six easy tips.

How much time do I need to study?

Are you wondering whether you have the time to balance study with other important commitments in your life such as work, family and friends?

How much does uni cost?

Your desire to study doesn’t have to be held back because you think you can’t afford it. Knowing what it will cost empowers you to stop procrastinating and confidently pursue your goals.  

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