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Top three study tips

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Study Tips, Future and Focus

Mix it up

While some people say find a quiet space and stick to it, cognitive scientists say that mixing the space you study in helps with memory and retaining information more effectively. Memory is coloured by our senses – sights, smells, sounds and changes in your study space  can  increase the likelihood of remembering what you’ve learned. So next time you’re at the library, choose a different spot, a different desk, a different outlook.  Or find a quiet spot at your local café, or another room in your house. It can make all the difference.

Make flash cards

This is an old technique but a good one. Using visual aids in your cards can help imprint key phrases, concepts or formulas in your memory. If you’re approaching exam time, stick them in places you’ll see them regularly – beside your bed, in the bathroom, on your study board or inside books. Flick through them when you’re waiting for the bus rather than checking status updates on your phone.

Study in numbers

Don’t underestimate the power of your peers.  Working and studying with your fellow students can help improve your understanding and help you all get your head around difficult problems. It can also be a great to share your resources and workload and makes learning more fun and interesting. And who knows? You might even make new friends in the process.  Ask around your fellow students, put a callout on social media or ask your lecturer for help setting up a study group.

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This article appears in:
Study Tips, Future and Focus

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