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She was told she didn’t belong in the gym...

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Pathways to Uni, Exercise and Sport Science, Student Stories

Suzanne Van Engelenhoven has always been very physically active.

“Dad always made us do physical activity. Growing up I was always active and playing outdoors. We weren’t allowed to watch TV unless it was raining, and I appreciate that now. After I finished Year 12, I started going to the gym. I found that really challenging because I’ve always been a smaller frame. And I used to get told, “Why are you at the gym? You’re too thin.”

And Suzanne never thought she would go to university.

A year after graduating from high school and doing odd jobs, I wanted to do more with my life. 

But university was a big decision, so Suzanne visited the career counsellor at her old high school for advice.

“She recommended that I do the Tertiary Enabling Program (TEP), especially after I’d had a year break. If I was to give advice to a friend who hadn’t finished year 12, I would also recommend doing TEP. It gives you a step up, and the information to excel in your studies. It can open a wide door into a lot of courses. It gives you a good idea of what university requires,” Suzanne said.

Suzanne’s choice of study? A Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, naturally.

I wanted to pursue physiotherapy because I had a lot of help from physiotherapists in the past and I really enjoy learning about the human body and I want to be able to help people.

“We’ve learned how the body reacts with exercise and nutrition, as well as how we’re fuelled by nutrition during exercise. We’ve also learned about design and analysis of scientific data, and I’ve really enjoyed learning about the muscle groups and how the body weight-bears during exercise, and how to optimise that.

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“In our classes we have the practical side, where we do a lot of work with bones and muscle groups. Our fellow classmates pretend to be clients, so we’re able to get comfortable with being around and working with a real person. We work with parts of the body we need to move and use and test—something we’ll need to be able to do in our careers,” said Suzanne.

When Suzanne has completed her studies at CDU, she aims to be physiotherapist.

“I want to do rehabilitation work as well as some sports work with local rugby teams. I currently am involved with a local team and seeing the physiotherapists there helping the boys to be their best is just inspirational. I want to be able to give something back to the community,” added Suzanne.


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This article appears in:
Pathways to Uni, Exercise and Sport Science, Student Stories

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