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Peta’s altruistic goals are inspired by a Disney heroine

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Student Stories, Nursing and Midwifery

Peta Lewellin says that her ultimate dream is to become the Mary Poppins of the postnatal world. What does that mean? And how is Peta able to pursue Charles Darwin University’s Bachelor of Midwifery when she lives thousands of kilometres away? Read on to find out more about Peta and her commitment to excellence in maternal care.

In the bucolic countryside of rural Victoria, in a small town called Traralgon, Peta Lewellin spends her days studying online at Charles Darwin University, though the physical university is thousands of kilometres distant. “I wanted to do a Bachelor of Midwifery, part-time and via distance education. CDU was the only place that offered that combination,” said Peta.

The arrangement suits Peta perfectly. “It has allowed me to still be a stay-at-home Mum, which is my priority. My husband is a shift worker, so having the flexibility of online study has been paramount to the management of family life and study,” she said.

For me it was always a long-term plan—to start my degree at 30 with the intention of being in the workforce by the time I am 40.

But it hasn’t all been about home study. Travel interstate for simulation block has also been a plus for Peta. “I have loved the placements. It is very motivating to spend a week with like-minded, passionate women,” she said.

“I recognise the importance of learning the theory behind all the clinical skills, but I’ve found that contact with women and their families and the opportunity to practice hands-on really helps consolidate this information.”


And getting out of Traralgon once in a while has been another bonus. “I’ve seen parts of Australia that I had never been to,” Peta enthused.

And what about Peta’s dream of becoming the Mary Poppins of her profession? In the classic Disney film, Mary was the titular heroine, a magical nanny with a heart of gold.

I’m privileged to be on a career path where I can leave a lasting impression on women and their families at one of the most important times of their lives.


“I plan to further my studies to become an endorsed Midwife and a Lactation Consultant. I want to offer women and their families extended support throughout the postnatal period to facilitate a smoother transition from hospital to the family home with a focus on continuity of care and relationships,” Peta said. Mary Poppins might approve by saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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This article appears in:
Student Stories, Nursing and Midwifery

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