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See where CDU’s study abroad program has taken Lucy

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Lucy Lockhart is a fourth-year Bachelor of Education Secondary (Science) student with CDU and she’s studying externally from the United Kingdom. She recently completed the study abroad program CDU offers in partnership with Worcester University. She’s also a professional women’s rugby union player with the Worcester Warriors. In her spare time, Lucy holds down a teaching and mentoring job at a specialised school for at-risk children. She also travels around Europe with her partner Dan. Read on for Lucy’s full story.

Like many adult learners, Lucy discovered her passion only after entering the workforce. It happened during her eight years of service in the Australian Army, when she became a Recruit Instructor. She fell in love with teaching, which led her to enrol as a full-time CDU student.

I’ve always found science to be a very interesting subject because it has so many specialisations, and I chose biology and physical health as part of  my teaching degree


With eight years of experience playing rugby union in Australia, Lucy contacted the Worcester Warriors women’s professional rugby union team prior to departing to study in the UK. She was delighted when the team gave her the opportunity to play with them.

“This was such an amazing opportunity because the team is linked to the university I’m attending, so I’ve been able to travel all around England twice a week as part of the league fixture,” Lucy said. “I’ve also had the chance to work for the Worcester Warriors community foundation, delivering programs and workshops to increase female participation in all sports. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience.”


Although Lucy is having the time of her life in the UK pursuing her passion through study, professional rugby, work and travel, she said this balancing act didn’t come without its challenges.

“The most challenging part was getting back into the classroom,” Lucy said. “I’m normally an external student at CDU and it was the first time I actually physically attended classrooms with students and engaged in classroom discussions. My partner Dan helped me organise my weekly timetable and drove me to training on nights when my lectures ran late.”

When Lucy wasn’t studying or playing rugby, she travelled around the UK and Europe.

“I’ve seen some incredible things and have been to some amazing places during my time abroad, including hiking through the Georgian Mountains, ANZAC Day in Gallipoli, island hopping in Greece, and eating spaghetti and meatballs in Rome,” Lucy said.


“Meeting Dan and travelling Europe with him has been incredible. On our second date he took me to Rome—not everyone can say that! We have since travelled to six countries in six months, with many more destinations to come."

Lucy said the most important thing she has learned is to prioritise tasks but to always remain flexible. Her advice to students considering studying abroad?

“Jump out of your comfort zone and board the plane to a whole new world—you’ll never have an experience quite like it!”

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This article appears in:
Student Stories, Education, International Student

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