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Studying nursing online with a full-time job: Paramjit's story

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Student Stories, Nursing and Midwifery

Taking a trip to the hospital for a health problem isn’t usually a way to find inspiration. But in Paramjit Kaur’s case, it’s what led her to study nursing at Charles Darwin University. Read on to learn the source of Paramjit’s inspiration and how she manages to juggle a full-time job as well as family responsibilities while studying as a part-time external student.

Nursing has given me the opportunity to care for patients and make a positive difference, often at the most challenging times in their lives



Paramjit Kaur hadn’t really thought much about becoming a nurse. Not until one fateful day, that is. “Nursing only came to my mind after personally experiencing what a great profession it is when I was admitted to a hospital and was looked after by nurses who for me filled in the roles one could expect from a close family member. It was very humbling for me, reminding me again what humanity is about: loving, caring and respecting each other,” she said.

The compassionate nurses who attended to Paramjit became her source of inspiration. The next thing you know, Paramjit was enrolled in a Bachelor of Nursing at CDU. But she needed an arrangement that would leave room for the many other things going on in her life. “To have a balance I decided to study part-time and only study one unit per semester which I have managed to balance well with my full-time work commitments,” Paramjit said.



But Paramjit still needed to make some changes. “Adjustments I made included reducing my after-work socialising during semester times, having a plan for personal commitments, utilising travel time to work for listening to lectures or weekly readings instead of listening to music, and having designated study time every week rather than leaving it to the end.”

Learning online as an external student was also something new for Paramjit. “The only challenge is to learn about the technology being used these days to deliver lectures online, discussion forums, submission of assignments online, and more. There is enough help available and it doesn’t take long to get your head around the technology CDU uses to deliver education to external students,” she said.

Being able to study externally was my main requirement as it allows you to continue on with your other life plans such as work and family commitments. I knew many people who studied externally and had no issues


And although Facebook groups for different units are not official CDU groups, Paramjit found them very useful. “They helped me to get connected to other external students who are in the same boat. They are like a support group for any unit and other students are always there to help with your queries that you would normally sort out in a physical classroom environment. Nursing is my dream job wherever it takes me!”, Paramjit added.

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This article appears in:
Student Stories, Nursing and Midwifery

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