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Nine study apps to help you through university

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Study Tips

There’s an app for that! Going back to study doesn’t have to be as tedious as the last time you sat in a classroom. Apps for computers, tablets and mobile phones now make study much more efficient, effective and fun!  These are some of our favourites. 


Evernote allows you to create notebooks for each of your units and have them accessible wherever you are. Taking notes has never been so easy, with Evernote organising everything into files, you’ll have everything you need in one place. This app offers great diversity – you can save almost anything to your notes; pictures, webpages, video links, etc. 

The best thing about Evernote is that you can sync your notes and files to all of your devices – if you leave your laptop at home after rushing to get to a lecture, you’ve got all your notes right there on your smart phone! Evernote is also great for group work as it has the capability to share files with other people.  


StudyBlue is the ultimate study buddy that enables you to create flashcards, practice questions and quizzes to assist you when studying for that big exam. You can use StudyBlue to record your assessment scores from your practice tests, as well as organising notes and your class schedule in your very own ‘digital backpack’. StudyBlue can be used in conjunction with Evernote (above) to sync your study materials together and share them with other people.

iStudiez ProShape

iStudiez Pro is an award-winning study planner that helps you to keep your classes, assignments and exams well organised. All you need to do is enter your class information into the app and it will store everything from lecture times, staff contact details, assignment due dates, holiday periods and grades. You can even set alarms that notify you of upcoming classes and assignment due dates. All of this handy information can be summarised into a daily schedule and comes with Cloud syncing so you can access your class information from anywhere!


Some students find it challenging to cite the sources they want to use for assignments – well EasyBib is the solution! EasyBib allows you to generate citations by either scanning the barcode of the book, or entering the title of the book into the search screen. Your citation will be produced in a matter of seconds! All your citations will be saved to the app – so if you need to use a book again for another assignment, your citation will be readily available. 

Although CDU uses the Harvard referencing style - and this app only produces citations in MLA, APA and Chicago styles at this stage – the APA style is very similar to Harvard and uses mostly the same information; thus making it easy to transform the citation to match your referencing guide.


MindMaple gives you the ability to create detailed concept maps from your iPhone or iPad. Concept maps are great tools for starting assignments; they help you stay on track with the topic, create links between ideas and give you the option to demonstrate the relationship between each link.  

Concept maps are a visual study aid that allows you to communicate the full context of an idea and apply this to any assignment or project. MindMaple is easy to use and has many functions including creating mind maps, taking notes, recording project information and inserting images and web links into a mind map. 

Every university student needs a dictionary and thesaurus close by! As one of the most prominent dictionary and thesaurus apps around, has over two million words and definitions as well as almost 100,000 synonyms and antonyms. The app is easy to use and has a variety of different features.  
In addition to the general dictionary and thesaurus functions, also displays words in example sentences, has alphabetical indexing, displays similarly spelled words and best of all; utilises audio pronunciations to ensure you can actually pronounce the big word you want to use in an assignment!

Paper by FiftyThree 

Paper by FiftyThree is a great app for those visual learners that like to take notes by sketching or doodling! You can create different visual notes by way of sketches, pictures, diagrams as well as using different tools to highlight important information.  

This app is perfect when you’re on the go and you get a hit of inspiration, yet there’s no pencil and paper in sight. You can simply sketch down your ideas on your iPad and save them for later. Paper by FiftyThree is great because you can share your notes and diagrams with other people and this allows you to work on group projects more efficiently.

Lark Up 

As a student, it’s essential to find the right balance between work, study and sleep! This app provides you with a detailed sleep analysis each morning that helps you identify any bad sleeping habits and helps to set goals for achieving the ideal sleep pattern. This app was designed by leading Harvard sleep experts and later described by iTunes as a silent alarm clock and personal sleep coach. With the help of this app you can lose any bad habits before you hit the peak of your assignments and exam periods, and to ensure you receive a good night’s sleep each and every time to get the most productivity out of your body.

Scanner Pro by Readdle 

The 9 best apps wouldn’t be complete without a tool that scans documents using your mobile device! Scanner Pro by Readdle is a comprehensive app that turns your devices camera into a scanner – producing digital PDFs in seconds. You can scan anything from documents, to receipts, agreements and so much more. The advanced technology within this app detects the edges of the document automatically, and crops and straightens it for that perfectly scanned page every time. 

This app has extensive sharing capabilities as you can share the document by fax, email or printing, as well as having the document uploaded into a compatible app such as Evernote. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can scan notes on the go and send them to yourself, ready for the next lecture! 


This article appears in:
Study Tips

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