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The online student’s guide to the library

So, you’ve made the decision to study your degree online, but you’re a bit confused about how to access library resources as a distance learner. After all, how can you borrow a book when you can’t visit the library? Or where can you access library resources, like journal articles, so you can complete your assignments? Don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers!

Connecting with fellow students online

There are many reasons why it’s important to stay connected with other students during your studies.  Especially when you may also be juggling work and family life, your study community is not only for academic collaboration, but also a critical social support network for this part of your world.  

Stop digital burnout in its tracks

Communications technology, such as computers, smartphones and tablets are a necessary part of university student life. It’s our digital footprints on online learning management systems, social media, email and other digital communications platforms that allow us to live two lives: one in person and one online. But, we need to remember that our devices were designed to make studying easier and to enrich our university experience – not to take over our lives. So if you feel exhausted by your emails and stressed out by your Snapchat, it might be time to take a look at your digital consumption habits to make sure you’re not heading for tech burnout.

Live, online study help for students

Not sure where to start? Not in the mood? Can’t find the right pen? It’s easy to find a million excuses not to study – but getting it done, or even just getting started, feels much better.

Spotify study playlists

Music is a brilliant source for motivation! It can help to elevate your mood and reduce perceived effort. We've compiled some study playlists to help get you in the groove of studying. 

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Top four time saving apps to make technology work for you

Let’s all admit it; we spend way too much time on our phones. Technology is always telling you there’s another video to watch, email to read or notification to clear. All of which seemingly take up much of your well-deserved leisure time. Who’s controlling who here? 

What technology do I need for study?

Technology has made studying online a viable option for many adults, so find out what you need to get started. Most of your studies will involve the computer and the internet to access library resources, your study material and subject forums, contact with lecturers and other students, as well as accessing and using email. 

Improve your typing skills for uni

There is no getting around it. Study = assignments which = typing – and lots of it! If you’re returning to study or haven’t done this in a while, completing an assignment becomes a monumental task if you only rely on two fingers! 

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