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Financial support for study: what help can I get?

Beginning or returning to study can have huge rewards in terms of improving your quality of life and income potential once qualified, but like anything worthwhile, it takes time and money to get there.  It can be daunting wondering how you’re going to pay for study and the costs that come with taking time to study, such as child care or reduced working hours, but there is help out there for you.   

How to save money every day

Have you noticed it’s easier to be frugal when you plan for a holiday or something you really want? Deciding to study is a great motivator to explore ways to save money and simplify your everyday life.  There may be hidden expenses or ways to find money you didn’t know existed. Get your kids involved by showing them what they can do to help.   

Budgeting for study

It can be hard to imagine how it would be possible to start or return to study on a reduced income, with bills to pay and perhaps a family to consider.  But with a little bit of planning and a realistic assessment of your budget, you may find that your new world is closer than you thought.   

Doing the maths - does a degree add up financially?

It’s no secret that a university degree is a considerable investment. Aside from the course cost, your income could also take a hit if you need to cut down on your working hours.

How much does uni cost?

Your desire to study doesn’t have to be held back because you think you can’t afford it. Knowing what it will cost empowers you to stop procrastinating and confidently pursue your goals.  

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