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Improve your typing skills for uni

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Pathways to Uni

There is no getting around it. Study = assignments, which = typing – and lots of it! If you’re returning to study or haven’t done this in a while, completing an assignment becomes a monumental task if you only rely on two fingers! 

Completing assignments (or CDU's TEP writing task) can become unnecessarily stressful if you resent typing. If you’re time poor, you want to smash out your thoughts as quickly as possible when you get the chance.

Take some time before starting your first semester to improve your typing skills first up. That way you’re confident when the real work starts to come in and you can focus your energy on the assignment at hand.

Here are a couple of tools and tips to help you on your typing journey. 

Take a free typing speed test

The average typing speed is between 38 and 40 words per minute (WPM). Check your typing speed and accuracy with Don’t be afraid and give it a try! It's important for you to know your own starting point when setting yourself some goals.  

Have fun while you learn 

Check out for free tools, including fun games, instruction videos and test to get you up to speed with your typing. 

Remember, practice makes perfect and “a stitch in time saves nine”. You will save yourself hours of work by mastering this skill.  So sit straight and remember to keep your back straight.

Don’t let the fear of typing hold you back from your new world at uni. Need a little help before starting? With our free Tertiary Enabling Program, you'll meet entry requirements to most undergraduate CDU degrees in as little as 16 weeks and gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed.

CDU Tertiary Enabling Program

This article appears in:
Pathways to Uni

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