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TEP helped me gain entry into Nursing

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Pathways to Uni, Student Stories

Irene is a CDU student, who once thought going to uni wasn't on the cards. Here's her story.

As a teenager, I studied at three different high schools. I left during Year 11 due to personal reasons, so I didn’t graduate from high school. Before my circumstances changed, I used to dream about attending university (even as a child) but because I didn’t complete Year 12, I wasn’t qualified to enrol in a Higher Education degree.

When my personal circumstances changed for the better, I enrolled in the Tertiary Enabling Program to get the scores I needed to enrol. I passed the program, and was offered a place in the course of my choice – which I accepted!

Going to uni is nothing like high school; you’re officially considered, treated and respected as an adult. You’re treated equally, with your own responsibilities, and have the freedom to juggle work, family and school commitments on your own. It’s hard work but it’s fun and rewarding.

I’ve found the lecturers to be understanding and passionate about helping students. There are student support services at CDU to help you with any challenges you might be facing – even assignment writing – and the staff are friendly, considerate and helpful.

Look, feeling intimidated by uni is normal, but overcoming those fears and persevering towards the goal of graduation feels really good.

If you’re thinking about it, check it out – it’s never too late. 

Need a little help before starting? With our free Tertiary Enabling Program, you'll meet entry requirements to most undergraduate CDU degrees in as little as 16 weeks and gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed.

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This article appears in:
Pathways to Uni, Student Stories

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