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CDU scholarships: many kinds for many different needs

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CDU has an assortment of scholarships for a variety of purposes and with a mix of selection criteria.

Some scholarships are for students who show talent and passion for their area of study. Others are for students who show commitment and vision in their local community. There are scholarships for sports involvement, scholarships that offer work placement, and scholarships to help students who are struggling financially. Scholarships are also for students who might otherwise be excluded from studying at CDU due to socioeconomic, cultural and geographic reasons.

Opportunities abound, including for women in construction

Here’s one example of the many kinds of scholarships offered at Charles Darwin University. The National Association of Women in Construction NT Scholarship supports and advances women in the construction industry in the Northern Territory. To be eligible, you must be an NT resident and a female student at CDU enrolled in a VET construction-related course. That’s just one of dozens of scholarships offered at our uni.

Sponsors from all over, for VET and for HE

CDU scholarships help with both VET and Higher Education courses and are sponsored by individuals, businesses, government, community groups and the university. They range from $1,000 to $15,000, and are paid directly into your bank account, so you can use the funds in the way you feel best helps your studies.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is—or will—be studying at CDU who meets the eligibility criteria. You can apply for more than one scholarship. You can hold up to two active scholarships at one time. If you are offered more than two, you will be asked to choose which two you wish to keep.

When can you apply, and how?

Check when applications open, then go to the Scholarship Finder website to identify which scholarships you may be eligible to apply for. Open the information for each scholarship and check that you meet the eligibility. Click on the ‘How to Apply’ tab to view the selection criteria that you must address in your application. When you are ready, select the green ‘Apply for this scholarship’ button.

About your written statement

Aim to write a maximum of 1,000 words for your application. Remember, the panel may have a lot of applications to read, so keep it as concise as possible. When writing your statement, you need to make sure you address each of the selection criteria individually. The following information will give you some helpful hints.

What does the panel require?

Look again at the selection criteria on the CDU Scholarships website. Are there any specific points you’re being asked to cover? If it says ‘demonstrate passion, ability and initiative’ you need to do just that by giving examples on each topic. You can support your application by providing documents relating to your community involvement or references confirming your passion.

We recommended using the selection criteria as headings and answer these directly underneath. This method makes it easy for the panel to identify that you have addressed the criteria. You may also like to write a less formal section and include information about yourself at the end of the application.

What is the panel looking for in a recipient?

If you are asked to ‘demonstrate a commitment to the NT and intention to use your qualifications and skills in the Territory,’ give examples of how you hope to do this once you achieve your degree. It’s important to recognise the donors are looking for someone who will get involved and give back to the community. A great way to demonstrate your ties to the NT would be to mention your participation in any community groups, sporting teams or even social clubs.

Who is giving the scholarship and what is their background or purpose?

Do some online research to find out about the donor of the scholarship. Tying this information into your statement shows you have done your homework. If you can relate this to yourself and your goals, even better.

Tell the panel about yourself but keep it relevant

The panel that assesses each scholarship wants to get to know you. They want to have an idea of who the recipient is, not just their ability to address selection criteria. If you can include personal information and keep it relevant, then do so. For example, a person who grew up in difficult circumstances might tie that in to why they want to study social work, or a person who grew up with a family involved in motor sports might tie that into why they want to study mechanical engineering. Include personal information in your application if it relates to the category of scholarship you are applying for.

Give them something extra

Finally, think about your competition, particularly for a scholarship that is aimed at a specific course. Consider that the other applicants will be reading this too. What sets you apart from them? Why do you deserve or need it more? No examples here—you will have to think about this and demonstrate how you can stand out from the crowd!

The Scholarships Office has tips for success

We asked Kara and Tu Ann in the Scholarships Office for a few words of advice.

“Pay close attention to closing dates. We recommend that you apply well before the deadline, so the Scholarships Officer can prompt you for further details if necessary,” said Kara. In other words, you could get caught out if you leave it to the last minute.

“It would benefit applicants to address all of the selection criteria,” said Tu Ann, reminding us that it’s important to understand and respond to the specifics of what’s required.

Deadlines for applications

Monday 8 October  Semester 1  2019 scholarships open
Friday 8 March     Semester 1       2019 scholarships close at 3pm
Monday 3 June    Semester 2 2019 scholarships open
Friday 2 August       Semester 2   2019 scholarships close at 3pm

Find out more

You’ll find a comprehensive list of CDU scholarships and information online.

CDU’s Scholarships Finder is also a great way to figure out which scholarship best suits you.

You can also go to ‘Ask CDU’ and search for frequently asked questions about scholarships or contact the CDU scholarships team to find out more.

Interested in applying for a scholarship? If you've already visited the website, you can learn more by speaking to our Scholarships team. Call them on 08 8946 7766 or email 

Semester 1 2019

This article appears in:
Future & Focus, Money

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